It’s Fresh. Today local farmers markets are popping up everywhere and for good reason! Local farmers markets provide the freshest possible products and often a more environmentally friendly one. On average, food travels between 1500 and 2500 miles to get to your plate, while food found at a farmers market typically doesn’t travel more than 100 miles.

It helps Communities. Not only is it fresh but it creates a unique relationship between farmers and city residents by revitalizing rural communities and improving consumer health with fresh and nutritious food.  Normally only about 17 cents of every dollar you spend goes to a farmer,but at a farmers market all of your money goes to them.

Think your closest farmers market is too out of the way? Every Tuesday, Jacobi Hospital has Farmers Market from 8am to 4pm, only a 10 minute walk from Einstein! If you are on the Wilf Campus, every Thursday at 175th and Wadsworth & Broadway is your local farms market. To find other farmers markets near you, check out a map of Farmers Markets in NYC or more specifically Farmers Markets in the Bronx.


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