The Einstein Gardening Club invites you to try out composting for a week.  Starting Monday, save your kitchen scraps in a a tupperware container or large ziplock bag.  On Friday, or whenever your compost bag is full, deposit your scraps in the wooden compost container at the back of the garden behind the 1945 student housing building.  Scraps go in the container on the left.

Items from your kitchen that belong in the compost include fruit and vegetable peels, egg shells, napkins or paper towels (not soiled with oil, meat or dairy), and stale bread.  Meat, oil, dairy, and other cooked foods should not be composted.  These items attract attract animals and make the compost smell.   When in doubt, just throw it out.

To keep the smell down in your kitchen, try keeping your compost container in the refrigerator or freezer if you have room.

Any and all are welcome to contribute to the compost beyond the end of this week, even if you’re not part of the gardening club.


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