An article written by Ore VanGruber, a 2011 Yeshiva Eco Rep.

   As an Eco-Rep of Yeshiva University, I decided that my individual project for the program would be to host a floor by floor competition at the Wilf Campus during Recyclemania. Recyclemania is a friendly competition and benchmarking tool for college and university recycling programs to promote waste reduction activities to their campus communities. Over an 8 week period, I measured the weight each floor had in both their recycling bins.  During this 8 week period, I spread the word of a grand prize for those students who recycle the most.  By the end of the eight week challenge the 6th floor in Rubin Hall was given a party as a reward for recycling the most.

I bought Golan Heights or the students living on the 6th floor, and recognized that most of the students did not understand the meaning behind the recylemania program. I explained that students should recycle everyday regardless of winning a competition.  I also explained how Yeshiva University could benefit from students recycling more and wasting less. Lastly, I asked the students, “What would make you want to recycle more?” Almost all the students replied, “If I had a recycling bin in my room I would recycle more than I do now.” Furthermore, I hope to inspire the students of Yeshiva University to recycle more and use their appliances more efficiently. Hopefully next year we can supply recycling bins in each student’s dorm rooms to promote recycling even more!


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