With summer upon us and electricity bills rising to keep up with our air conditioners, anyway to save a few dollars is helpful. Did you know that 56% of the energy use in the average home is for heating and cooling? By adjusting your thermostat, using blinds and shades, and turning off appliances not in use, you can easily save energy and money while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The US Department of Energy estimates that you can save 10% of your energy bill by simply adjusting the thermostat by 10 to 15 degrees for an 8-hour period. Imagine how much you would save by turning up your home thermostat for 8 hours this summer while you are at work!

On the other hand, Yeshiva University spends nearly $20 million on energy and utilities at its many buildings in Manhattan and in the Bronx. Many of the following tips can apply at home and in the workplace so consider using them where applicable.

1. Shades or blinds should be drawn to help keep heat outside the building and reduce solar heat gain.

2. Minimize air conditioning use and if windows must be opened for fresh air please close them when you leave. Avoid using air conditioning when windows are open.

3. Setback cooling thermostats to 75°F or higher during occupied periods and 83°F or higher during unoccupied periods.

4. Electrical devices such as computer monitors, fans, and lights should be turned off when not in use. Consider buying a Smart Power Strip that can sense when your equipment is not in use and completely it turn off!

For more great ways to save $$$ at home and help you reduce your energy usage without sacrificing comfort, visit Con Edison’s Power of Green website or visit the DOE’s Energy Saver Blog.


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