Transportation causes 29% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the US and globally; the U.S. transportation sector alone causes 7% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. By exploring new options for your daily commute, you can reduce your personal carbon footprint and make Yeshiva & New York City a cleaner, healthier place to be.

CARPOOL: Yeshiva’s Security Department and Office of Energy & Sustainability have teamed up to bring you a new carpooling program. For those who carpool 4 -5 days a week, you will receive 50% discount on parking. Visit our site now to learn more.

PUBLIC TRANSIT: Yeshiva Employees are eligible for the TRiP program which allows you to contribute a portion of your pay to commuter mass transit, tax free. The program provides you with a debit card to pay for public transit directly. Try it today!

ZIPCAR: Drive and carpool using Zipcars by the hour or the day. Zipcar vehicles can be found on and around each of Yeshiva’s Campuses. Sign up with Yeshiva and you will receive a $45 discount on membership.

BIKE: Bicycling is a fun, healthy way to get around the city as well as a great way to go to work. Learn where bicycle racks are located around our campuses for your convenience.

To learn more about these and other green commuting options, visit our page Green my Commute.





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