For our project, we decided to do something that would promote the idea of recycling. According to, “Producing new plastic products from recycled materials uses two-thirds less energy than making products from raw (virgin) materials, so recycling plastics frees up that energy consumption for other products and uses. In 2007, the U.S. recycled over 4 billion pounds of plastic, which saved enough energy to heat over 2.1 million homes.” As we have learned over the course of this year, recycling is crucial in order to conserve energy and save our planet. We decided to reuse an old desk we found near the street. We used part of it to make it a coffee table. Once we cleaned off the table, we started to collect plastic bottles, and also encouraged our friends to recycle bottles. We collected over 200 labels and covered the table completely in the labels. Often times, labels come off the bottles and are not disposed of properly and become litter. Our table’s new home is the Student Life office at Yeshiva University and we hope anyone who sees it will be reminded of the importance to recycle and be motivated to do it themselves

Ben Sussman & Courtney Thomas


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