At Yeshiva University, students are offered the opportunity to take part in an Eco Representative Leadership Program through the Office of Energy & Sustainability. Students take part in weekly meetings to discuss issues of environmental sustainability as well as run awareness events during the year to promote these ideas. One student, Alan Avitan recently ran a movie night as a part of YU Unplugged, Yeshiva’s dorm energy competition, where pizza and ice cream sundaes were served as “Kilowatt Ours” was screened. The documentary focused on educating the general public regarding where electricity comes from, why it is important that we reduce the amount of electricity we use, and practical steps on how students can accomplish it themselves.

Every year YU runs an annual energy dorm competition in all YU undergraduate dorm buildings in order to reduce YU’s electricity usage and provide awareness and teach the importance of energy conservation. This is accomplished by teaching students to turn off their lights when not in use, unplug unused equipment, to turn off air conditioners and close windows in the winter, and put their computers in stand-by mode and turn them off at night. Additionally, the winning dormitory wins a dessert reception. YU Unplugged, a competition that first began as an idea from the undergraduate Environmental Club, has continued annually since its conception four years ago. This program saw a huge increase in energy savings, saving over $11,300 this year alone and $188,000 since the beginning of the program.


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