carpool_sign_500Consider Carpooling!

As a part of Yeshiva University’s sustainability initiatives, the Office of Energy & Sustainability and the Security Department have teamed up to bring a carpooling program to current participants of the Wilf campus’s parking program. Those interested in sharing a parking permit with a fellow Yeshiva employee will be able to divide the monthly parking fee evenly between participants, with a maximum of four riders per vehicle.

By sharing a ride, not only will you save money on the permit but you will save on gasoline, tolls and car maintenance and ultimately your lungs by helping make New York City a cleaner city to live and work in.

If you interested or already have a group you wish to carpool with, send an email to with names, email addresses and YU phone numbers where participants can be contacted.

To learn about other ways to save money and the environment while commuting, visit:



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