The goal of this event was to raise awareness on campus about the issues with bottled water in hopes of encouraging more people to buy and use reusable water bottles.

Tapped the movie

To that effect Eco Reps, Levana Massihesraelian and Melanie Simon,  gave out reusable water bottles to those who participated in the event. On Monday April 22nd the students screened the documentary Tapped: The Truth About the Bottled Water Industry. The documentary discussed at length the many issues with bottled water, from health to environmental hazards as well as the economic and political issues surrounding bottled water. In the end, the documentary highlighted the benefits of using municipal tap water. A few students who could not attend because of prior commitments stopped us in the hallway to ask how they too could view the documentary. Those who attended the event were enlightened and educated about the misinformation put out by the bottled water industry as well as their misconceptions about tap water.


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