By Irene Goldman

switch imageThe film “Switch” was recently shown by YU’s Eco Reps in December as a part of YU Unplugged, the university’s dorm energy competition.  It features Dr. Scott Tinker, a well known geologist who begins by measuring how much energy one person uses and then goes on to explore our current major energy sources and what will replace them in the future.   Energies that will replace oil are biofuels, natural gas, and electricity, whereas energies that will replace coal are solar, wind, natural gas and nuclear.  Energy sources that will likely see the most growth are renewable energy sources, and natural gas will make up the majority of baseload energy.

With about 20 students in attendance, “Switch” was a hit.  As Sophomore Tova Rand puts it “I didn’t realize the impact I can make on the world when I use energy. Now I know that what I do matters too!” This film brought awareness to the students of Yeshiva University through its straightforward nature and meaningful message, and they plan to implement it within their everyday lives. One student said “now that I know how much energy affects my earth, I want to start unplugging my charger when I leave home. Why hurt my planet like that?”


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