by Dena Rubanowitz

About 12 students attended this very enlightening event on April 30, 2015, on the tragic story of the meat industry and how the treatment of animals–especially with how they are raised–is not consistent with Jewish values. We heard from the Executive Director of Jewish Vegetarians of North America (JVNA), Jeffrey Cohan, who explained to the students the Torah-oriented argument for protecting the environment and choosing not to participate in the sins associated with the meat industry. Students also enjoyed a delicious vegetarian dinner of tofu, mixed vegetables, and vegetable egg rolls from Eden Wok, a local Kosher restaurant. There was also a great community feeling among the students, as they bonded with each other over shared feelings of concern for the environment and the animals that share this world with us. Jeffrey Cohan also spoke about a possible future event next year at Yeshiva University: A debate about whether Jews should be eating meat. Stay tuned!


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