Amanda Gelb is fascinated by how to bring information and ideas to life. She received a bachelors of commerce from McGill University in Social Innovation and has enacted imaginative programs with communities of all ages on topics such as social justice, literacy, and free choice. She has enjoyed implementing leading youth programming for Canada’s largest synagogue. Amanda is an interactive curator that has developed a learning process for student to create their own hands-on museum exhibits. She was able to accomplish the creation of this learning process thanks to the YU Center for the Jewish Future’s Experiential Jewish Education Certification Course and the Innovator’s Circle, a year-long fellowship for ventures in social action and education.
Her project, the Million Museum Project, is a dynamic project-based experience for any group of people, in which Jewish traditions, experiences, and texts are personalized, applied to a Jewish value, and result in the curation and creation of an interactive exhibit. The process provides learners with opportunities to transfer content into a variety of sensory, visual and cognitive experiences through values-based dilemmas and to share those findings in a dynamic way.
She is currently piloting this process in a multitude of educational settings including classrooms, youth groups, hebrew schools and camps, as well as providing educator trainings and professional development.
Her idea has just won a national competition put on by the Jewish Education Project and JESNA.
If you are interested in this idea, want to bring it to your community, or have any questions or thoughts in general about this please be in touch with her at


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