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Wurzweiler Care Cafe is a series of free presentations to offer tools and hope to help you better negotiate challenges and move towards your full potential. Our respectful, responsive presentations and sensitive support empower you for healing and growth. Delivered in a friendly, comfortable cafe environment—full of good food plus great take-away resources and referrals—these strengths-based events fill your cup with practical know-how and emotional support around the issues that concern you most. Learn More

Care Cafe

Dean Wozniak

I was tired and weary. Bright fall days turned to bitter rainy ones that pushed beads of cold water down my neck and into the seams of my shoes. Every day I commuted on a crowded train under bright fluorescent lights that made my inevitable headache worse. On top of having a demanding job, the presidential election was in full swing and I was bombarded by contentious news that on most days felt assaultive. I knew I needed to address the weariness that had settled in my bones…. Read More


The Spirit of Social Work in Action 

Katherine MitchellI first heard about the concept that has become “Care Cafe” in an early discussion with Dean Wozniak when I met her last summer. She told me about an article she’d read in the New York Times about something called “Repair Cafe”. It’s an innovative idea about community connection and sustainability that originated in Amsterdam as a way for people to come together in spontaneous communities to  learn how to repair and preserve common household items, kindle enthusiasm for a sustainable society, pass on valuable practical knowledge, connect with others over a cup of tea and hopefully be inspired….. Read More


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