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Our series of free presentations offers tools and hope to help you better negotiate challenges and move towards your full potential. Our respectful, responsive presentations and sensitive support empower you for healing and growth—delivered in a friendly, comfortable cafe environment. Learn More

Recap Blogs

Care Cafe recap blogsUnable to attend a Care Cafe presentation and interested in the discussion topic? Read our recap blogs and get a first-hand account from Wurzweiler students and participants. And if you attended, share your own thoughts on the speaker and group experience. Read Recap Blogs

Hello Pop Up My Old Friend

Dean Wozniak

Regardless of the etiology of our isolation, moments of intentional connection on an affective level are important if not altogether corrective and ultimately healing. This was the idea behind Care Cafe, started at Wurzweiler School of Social Work at Yeshiva University. We launched the cafe under the premise that connection is possible and important even if it lasts for a few moments… Read More

The Spirit of Social Work in Action 

Katherine MitchellI first heard about the concept that has become “Care Cafe” in an early discussion with Dean Wozniak when I met her last summer. She told me about an article she’d read in the New York Times about something called “Repair Cafe”. It’s an innovative idea about community connection and sustainability that originated in Amsterdam… Read More

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