Newly appointed Dean Carmen Ortiz Hendricks announced today that, as one of her first acts as Dean, she has tapped former Assistant Dean Dr. Jade Docherty as the new Associate Dean of Wurzweiler School of Social Work.

Dr. Docherty joined Wurzweiler in 1990 after a career as Dean of Students and Senior Administrator at a Private Secondary School for Learning Disabled students.  She literally “grew up” as a social worker and administrator at Wurzweiler, obtaining her MSW and PHD and providing 22 years of dedicated service to Wurzweiler.  In Dr. Hendricks’ year as Interim Dean, Dr. Docherty took on the functions of the Associate Dean in Hendricks’ place in addition to her own Assistant Dean responsibilities.

“She helped to orient me to the job of Associate Dean when I joined Wurzweiler in 2005,” said Dean Hendricks, “and she has been an excellent partner and collaborator these past seven years. She works well with all our administrative staff and faculty and Chaired the Student Review Committee this past year”.


Congratulations to Associate Dean Docherty!


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