Wurzweiler School of Social Work MSW student Temimah Zucker was recently interviewed as an expert for a story about Eating Disorders on NBC News. She is also featured on the Glamour.com guest blog, and will be featured in the April edition of Glamour Magazine as one of five “Recovered” women.
The NBC story by reporter Checkey Beckford “‘Pro-Ana’ Web Sites Spread a Dangerous Message” indicates that “Web sites that promote anorexia and other eating disorders hurt people who are going online for help.”Temimah Zucker in Glamour
On Glamour.com, Zucker writes about “Eating Disorders Are More Common Than You Think. Here’s My Story” and is prominently featured on the Glamour Magazine website. Read the story.
After surviving Anorexia herself,  Zucker realized that helping others within the field she was personally familiar with would be her future pursuit. She is currently the Student Liaison for an international association of eating disorder professionals), runs an organization for the Jewish community to support eating disorder needs, runs a support group for Jewish young women in recovery, is a public speaker and a writer.
Click the image above to play the video of the news story.
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