180fOn April 2, 2014 Wurzweiler held an annual innovative learning event known as “Common Day.” This event brings students and faculty together for a shared themed educational process often involving guest speakers, unique learning approaches, entertainment, food and more. The events are collaborated between the faculty, staff and  students via Wurzweiler’s Student Government Association.

This year’s Common Day focused on military veterans and their needs when returning from duty, particularly in the areas of permanent injuries and post traumatic stress 80fdisorder. Four veterans spoke with the students and faculty, who were immersed in hours of guest lectures, memory exercises, social policy examination and an overview of the issues impacting returning veterans.

Below are impressions from some of the students who organized and attended this event.


170fCommon Day provided an uncommonly rewarding learning experience. The speakers were excellent, the schedule was packed but well-organized (and according to military time; clever!), and the room setup was smartly planned and executed. If a program such as this leaves a lasting desire for more such programs, it should be considered as a true success. I want this day to be more common!

First, let us start off by saying that Common Day was completely a team effort, 145fnothing could have gotten done without the coordination and hard work of everyone on Student Government and from the administration office. Personally, we helped in the planning of Common Day and we helped a with a lot of the activities during the actual day such as introducing the table project, registration, set-up and clean-up. 195f
Picking a topic for Common Day is a long and arduous process. Everyone wants it to be the best it can be (pun intended) and settling on returning veterans seemed the logical choice as they are the fastest growing population of potential clients for social workers. We also knew that providing testimony from real life veterans would be a draw and make people more interested, and it seems as though it worked. 
We want to thank everyone in the administration, those in student government, and the be tire student body for making this a Common Day to remember. 


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