From “Manhattan Times” May 14, 2014

“For your information   FYI marks two decades of service”

Story and photos by Robin Elisabeth Kilmer


Esteban Ramos

Esteban “Steve” Ramos

In Northern Manhattan, “FYI” is a lot more than information.

Founded in 1993, Fresh Youth Initiatives (FYI) is a non-profit youth development organization that focuses on providing support and skills to youths ages 9-18 with afterschool, enrichment and summer programming.

FYI youth spend most of their time volunteering throughout Northern Manhattan. Among the tasks they take on include organizing care packages for area seniors; painting over mailboxes covered in graffiti; sewing mittens and sleeping bags for homeless people; and gardening in local community gardens. Some also make their own clothes from recycled materials.

When not volunteering, the youths work hit the books at FYI’s offices located at West 171st Street in afterschool tutoring and enrichment programs.

Each activity is part of the organization’s holistic approach to giving area kids a boost, explained Executive Director Steve Ramos.

“I like it when we have fun,” said Josue Lora.

“There’s a very strong sense of family,” he said of the organization which is marking two decades of service.
In one year, the students will cumulatively complete 12,000 hours of volunteer service, and touch about 300 lives, he estimated.


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