WSSW Student receives Award

Dr. Jill Becker-Feigeles (L), Michelle Florence (Ctr.), Dr. Jade Docherty (R)

Wurzweiler School of Social Work student Michelle Florence received the “2015 Diana List Cullen Memorial Award – First Year MSW Student Writing Scholarship” from the Metropolitan Chapter of the New York State Society of Clinical Social Workers, on Wednesday, November 4, 2015.

The reception provided an opportunity to showcase the outstanding work being done by students in the New York Schools of Social Work. Six students, from area schools presented their work with populations in various field placement settings. Michelle highlighted the challenges she encountered at a Bronx middle school as her internship came to a close.

Michelle Florence (2nd from rt.) with other student presenters

Michelle Florence (2nd from rt.) with other student presenters

Not only did Michelle bring to light thestruggles her client presented but she became acutely aware of her own countertransference and feelings during this process facilitating professional growth and skill development. She was poised and effective in a presentation that was well-received.

We are proud of Michelle and all of our Wurzweiler students as we watch them grow into the next generation of professional social workers. They are the future of the profession. We are honored to have Michelle Florence representing our school. Congratulations from the Wurzweiler Faculty and Administration!


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