From Dr. Tim Conley:

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued a new report that shows how even in the early stages of the pandemic, related substance abuse and mental health issues were starting to emerge: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Prevalence of Stress and Worry, Mental Health Conditions, and Increased Substance Use Among Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic — United States, April and May 2020

“Selected mental health conditions and initiation of or increase in substance use to cope with stress or emotions during the COVID-19 pandemic were commonly reported by U.S. adults responding to an opt-in survey in April and May 2020. The prevalence of current depression, suicidal thoughts/ideation, and increased or newly initiated substance use was also higher for some racial and ethnic minority groups, especially Hispanic respondents. Hispanic adults reported higher levels of stress and worry about not having enough food or stable housing than did White adults.”

The New York Times produced and outstanding article called How Bad Is Our Pandemic Drinking Problem indicating “The past year has changed alcohol use patterns, especially among women. The impacts probably won’t be fully known for years.”  For a deeper dive on how alcohol effects women differently than men, and minority women in particular, see this (somewhat dated but highly relevant) article from Alcohol Health and Research World about minority women and alcohol use.

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