Joyce Roberson-Steele smiling.Joyce Roberson-Steele, a Ph.D. candidate at the Wurzweiler School of Social Work, has published “A Simple Visit: Reflections and Opportunities in the Time of COVID-19” in the most recent issue of The New Social Worker: The Social Work Careers Magazine.

Here is an excerpt:

The COVID-19 pandemic struck everyone in New York City, like me, hard. It was an unexpected change to our lives that swept in and shook us to the core. It pushed us out of our routines and removed the comfort of the security we took for granted. Our NYC fast-paced lifestyle was suddenly called to a halt. Each day, we reviewed social media, talked to our friends and neighbors, and watched Governor Andrew Cuomo’s briefings. Daily, he showered us with the only realistic measurable data that we could use to inform decisions on how to save ourselves from the clutches of this virus.

As a social worker, and a current doctoral student, I conversed with my peers and pondered how to soothe the worry and unrest that we and our clients faced. We wanted to do what we always do during a crisis and return ourselves from painful upheaval to normal functioning.

I have long accepted the complexity of navigating the duty to my profession, to my family, and to those that I pledged as a social worker to help navigate through systems of bureaucracy in order to respond to food insecurity and healthcare disparities. The difference was, now, I was in a place where I had similar needs to those of my clients.

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Dr. Kathryn Krase Co-authors Article with Ph.D. Students Annette Clarke-Jones and Joyce Roberson-Steele

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