Social Workers' Voice

The Social Workers’ Voice

The work of twenty first century social workers is complex, exciting, important and often gut wrenching. We find ourselves woven through people’s most intimate, important and at times shattering life events as we stand on the front lines of immigration, disaster relief, trauma response, business and commerce, and social justice policy advocacy.  We not only have a professional obligation to change lives, but a moral obligation to make our society more responsive to the needs of those whose voices are easily and often intentionally silenced.

This blog is dedicated to spotlighting the work of our students, faculty, alumni and friends, and sharing with you the daily moments and struggles of the change and advocacy process.


Cardozo law students are volunteering to go to a detention center in the Dilley, Texas to work with mothers and children who are afraid to return to their country of origin. Wurzweiler’s Katherine Mitchell is reporting back from Dilley is a series of blog posts. Learn more about Dilley


Wurzweiler Care Cafe is a series of free presentations to offer tools and hope to help you better negotiate challenges and move towards your full potential. Delivered in a friendly, comfortable cafe environment—full of good food plus great take-away resources and referrals—these strengths-based events fill your cup with practical know-how and emotional support around the issues that concern you most. Learn More


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