On Monday, our Junior class participated in our ongoing school-wide initiative, CSI (Central Service Initiative). Each homeroom had the opportunity to participate in a chesed of its choice as a group. Both students and those they interacted with were impacted and had a great time along the way. Here are a couple of meaningful examples:
One homeroom chose a chesed close to home. A group of eight students spent the day with Yehuda Weissman, son of homeroom teacher Rabbi Elie Weissman, who cannot attend school due to his recent bone marrow transplant. The juniors spent the day playing games indoors and in the snow with the delighted five year old, and brightening his day. A fun time was had by all!
Ms. Bracha Rutner’s homeroom and Mrs. Elana Rand’shomeroom, under the tutelage of substitute Ms. Deni Kolatch, visited St. Mary’s Hospital for Children in Bayside. They spent time with toddlers and babies with special needs — participating in a music therapy session, creating artwork, and reading stories. The visit was an educational experience, as physical and music therapists explained and demonstrated various ways of engaging special-needs children. In the afternoon, the groups continued on to a local firehouse in Great Neck. They delivered donuts and coffee to a grateful crew and ended up learning again — this time about the operations of the firehouse — from a few friendly members who gave a spontaneous tour.

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