These articles by Prof. Daniel Pollack, along with many of his other works, can be found in the Yeshiva Academic Institutional Repository (YAIR).

  1. Evaluating the evaluator: Implicit bias in determining parental judgment  ResearchGate (May, 2023)
  2. “Narcissism or not narcissism? That is the legal question” American Bar Association, Family Law Litigation (May, 2023)
  3. “Domestic violence and child custody: Know the law and write a history “ NASW Blog (April, 2023)
  4. “Can social workers ethically and legally keep clients when they leave their agencies?”  NASW Blog (April, 2023)
  5. Is service of process via social media expanding? New York Law Journal (April, 2023)
  6. Attorneys, expert witnesses, and paralegals: Working better together  Daily Business Review (March, 2023)
  7. Are Fourth Amendment rights sufficiently protected when CPS and DV cases are held virtually?” (March, 2023)
  8. A state is being sued for warehousing children with disabilities in foster care” Youth Today (Feb. 13, 2023).
  9. “Child custody and the status quo anteNew York Law Journal (Feb. 10, 2023).
  10. “Does a Partition Agreement Present a Justiciable Controversy?” Texas Lawyer (Feb., 6, 2023).
  11. “Combating Sexual GroomingJournal of Nurse Life Care Planning (February, 2023).
  12. Incest inevitably involves sexual grooming: Implications for attorneysConnecticut Law Tribune  (Jan. 11, 2023).
  13. Gender Identity Freedom with California as Safe Haven v. Texas-Style ProsecutionThe National Law Journal (Jan. 5, 2023).



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